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Richard Walker

About Richard Walker

Richard Says:

I have been told that I am a ‘rare combination’, because I am a physicist, businessman and a specialist in human behavioural change. I have learned from the best – including the world famous Dr Tad James (Master Trainer in NLP and originator of Time Line TherapyTM), Bobby Bodenhamer (co-author, ‘Users Manual for the Brain’), Rubin Battino MS (author, ‘Guided Imagery & other approaches to healing’), and the prestigious London College of Clinical Hypnosis.


I really like to get to the heart of an issue. That way, I can achieve transformational and generative change for the better. I have worked with individuals, the public, managing directors, groups and businesses / organisations both small and very large. My focus is on how we work, and how we might ‘work better’ for our own benefit and, in turn, for those around us.


Based on my knowledge and experience of making change happen, I have developed the Physics Of Wellbeing, a unique model of existence that challenges our assumptions about reality and the ‘problems’ we face. It provides a powerful and ecological foundation for my approach to help people change their behaviour, achieve their goals, and heal the symptoms of disease.


I am a Master Practitioner and certified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy; lecturer and trainer in clinical hypnotherapy both through my own training company and for other colleges and institutes (including the London College of Clinical Hypnosis), and qualified as a Life Coach with the Life Coach Group (member of the CIPD). I have many years experience in business development, management, and enabling change. I teach Master Classes to therapists and behavioural change practitioners, and I am founder chairman of a peer support group. I hold clinics at various locations, including London Harley Street.;


My previous experience is in physics and research into the indoor environment, for which my work is recognised both nationally and internationally. I also lecture at Reading University on environmental psychology, on the MSc Course ‘Intelligent Buildings’.






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