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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Training in Pune Delhi Mumbai India

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All genius, excellence and amazing achievement has structure and a strategy, and for this reason it can be learned.


After the practitioner comes the mastery. On this course you will learn the deeper secrets of NLP and the methods to truly make you a master of NLP only available for those having taken a recognized NLP Practitioner course





"Next Master Practitioner training starts on" 


10th September 2016 in Goa for 12 days

19th October 2016 in Delhi for 12 days












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NLP Master Practitioner training

Course designed and written by Master Trainer of NLP, Dr David J Lincoln Fourteen days of amazing learning, insights and discoveries, applying and using all your NLP Prac tools and techniques, practically adding to your skills base and taking your NLP abilities up to the next level, plus, add all of the following to your tool kit:


Mod 1 Advanced Language Patterns: Day one and two

Master Practitioners are masters of language. Learn how to use language masterfully and at a higher level to generate change, influence, persuade, and communicate with greater success. Learn how to word adverts, write gripping speeches & spin, encourage, influence and persuade with more mastery. This helps you enormously with getting people motivated or excited, convincing people, selling, negotiating, marketing, life coaching and therapy practices. Includes conversational/covert Coaching and Hypnosis.


Mod 2 Meta Programs: Day three and four

Learn the different automatic unconscious programmed patterns, personality traits and character traits that have running unconsciously and causing their preferences and inclinations. Learn to do personality and character assessments, personality profiling for careers, relationships, life coaching and in business. Fit the right person to the right job and help people find the easiest way to achieve their goals by working to their natural strengths and tendencies. Knowing




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