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Articles by David
NLP and Teachers



Goal Setting

This would include your own goal setting and that of your pupils. Remember without good goals decisions are almost impossible. The students goals should be what they want and follow the SMART goals criteria.


Communication Model

Among other things this explains how a person’s behaviour is arrived out. It also explains their body language and what is really going on inside the pupil’s minds. The nearest thing to mind reading especially when read with other things.


Generalisation Distortion and Deletion

An essential part of the communications model and explains the quick cuts we do to understanding our world quick cuts that don’t always work.


Generative Success

How to build on success and create even more successful moments. How to design a programme that runs itself.


The Principles of NLP and the Four Pillars of NLP

This lets us understand that everything we do has roots and a theory based background a lot of understanding is gained here


Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind

Here we learn a lot about what is down automatically and how this can be controlled


State or Outcome

What is it we really want as state or feeling can be achieved in a moment and do not require any specific interventions



This is where it all starts as a teacher it is of paramount importance to be able to establish and maintain good rapport. All the best teachers can do this naturally here we teach the process behind Rapport.


Sensory Acuity

How do you know when someone is telling you something that they don’t believe in? How do you know if someone is actually learning from you


Representational Systems

How do children and adults learn what representational system do they use and what system do you use?


Eye Accessing Cues

Is there any meaning behind those seemingly random movements of the eyes when someone is talking to you? Do they have any meaning?


Language Presuppositions

The understanding of the language codes gives you an insight to the thinking process going on behind the statements they are saying.


The major Language patterns of NLP are identified as the Milton model and the meta model. One gives you precise details and enables you to give precise instructions. The other is more hypnotic in nature and enables the teacher to control the state so the person goes into a light training trance or comes out of trance state


The Agreement Frame

A powerful way of getting into an agreement with another person without sacrificing your own position


The Negotiating Model

Enables you to negotiate at a level never before seen, That is negotiate at any level be it fellow staff or pupils.


The Art and Power of the Metaphor

The use of metaphors in the right way and at the right time enables the teacher to deliver complicated possesses and have everyone understand in their own way.


Understanding how the brain codes information

The way the brain codes what it likes and what it dislikes enables the teacher to make more powerful positive instruction and lesson negative ones.


The power of anchors

One of the most powerful techniques in NLP allows the aid to teaching to run smoothly and effortless. The very way a room is laid out could really assist the learning process


The learning State

Like rapport being in the right state is of paramount importance to the teacher and the pupil powerful leaning states are easily controlled and used.



The knowing of how people do what they do gives you the power to change those internal processes to create powerful learning.


© Dr David J Lincoln 2013




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