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Company training and development along with diagnosis and conflict management services are also available.

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Articles by David
Goa NLP new centre

Goa NLP has a new home in Goa. We have moved to new premises in Anjuna. Here we have a nice square training hall with  a capacity of 30 students. we have a nice garden surrounding the property with a front lawn with a fountain. We also have a flat roof with tables and chairs to enjoy the sunshine. We look forward to welcoming students to our courses.


We have our own chief and supply Breakfast and Lunch at the centre


We have our own two-bedroom house eight minutes’ walk away and have also negotiated with close by hotels and guesthouses for accommodation.


All courses in Goa are offered with FREE shared accommodation. Private personal rooms are also available at additional cost.


We also have four/five star hotels within a few-minutes’ drive – if required.

We do everything within our power to make your stay as comfortable as possible and within your budget.



Fast Phobia Cure

NLP became famous for its so called ten minute phobia cure. This ‘cure’ was touted all over the world and featured on TV and radio shows from the USA to Australia. The success enjoyed by these demonstrations were, without doubt, the one singular factor that brought NLP into the attention of the majority of the general public.

The NLP phobia cure is more correctly called a visual kinaesthetic disassociation technique.  Visual/Kinaesthetic dissociation separates the feelings from the pictures so you can come to terms with both independently and with the automatic association. Apart from phobias the technique is also successful in dealing with:

Action required

Now is the time to take action don’t delay do it today…

Are you experiencing challenges and frustrations in your life? Maybe you just want to operate at your own peak level and start achieving things.

Maybe you are worried about not having enough money, experiencing relationship difficulties, having concerns regarding your health, or feeling generally down or unmotivated? Maybe you would like to have lots of money experience fulfilling and enhancing relationships along with the finest health.

Maybe you have a phobia, which is now limiting your activities? Or maybe you would love to give up smoking or lose some weight? Alternatively maybe you would like to help friends and love ones achieve goals in this direction.


Values are an important part of the NLP Master Practitioner Programme so:


What are Values?

  1. ü  Values are a subconscious mind thought process.
  2. ü  Your Personal Values control all that you do in Life.
  3. ü  Personal values are one of the most important hidden factors which control our ambitions, dreams and drive in life.
  4. ü  Personal values help focus and align our life choices.
  5. ü  Values help focus and align our life choices




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